Welcome to STONEWURKS. I am a Art Director specializing in Fantasy and Sci-Fi Art.

Thanks for stopping by my website. Here you'll find a mix of various projects iv'e worked on, as well as some personal projects. If you would like to contact me you can reach me at stoneperales@cox.net


Frost Giant

This is my own take on Frost Giants. This is a Frost Giant Dragon Priest. Often when i work on a character I will create a backstory to help the team im on and whoever else might be working on it to better understand my designs. I have full stories like this for every single character I make, though I…


German Soldier Study

This soldier is armed with the G36 assault rifle/AG36 grenade launcher and is wearing a new modular vest. This is a study that I did of a real soldier. He is part of a series of sketches and paintings I am working on of special ops of the world. I am also particularly interested in finding ways to speed up…


Italian Col Moschin operator

This illustration is part of a batch of studies themed around international elite forces and swat units of the world. I used a photo I found in a foreign special forces magazine. I am also trying to create a new rapid illustration technique for myself to work with. Sketched in pencil, colored in painter.   Here is a copy of…


Chaotic TCG: Skopolon

This creature has the ability to see anything that is currently going on in the world when you summon him.   I painted him from top view in the temple that he is summoned, and his left had is revealing events in another part of Perim. Photoshop CS2, approximately 12hrs.


Chaotic TCG: Ghost Elixir

This is Chaotic Trading Card Game art from set 3.3. I actually painted the entire hand before starting in on the invisibility effect. I also tried to emphasize reptilian qualities in the configuration of the scales, as well as using lizard nails. I occasionally referenced crocodile scales to help me with the scale shapes. I painted this image in Photoshop…

Chaotic TCG: Elemental Orchid

Chaotic TCG: Water Orchid

This is a special orchid that grows in an elemental valley. It can only be cut using magic, and is made entirely of water. I found it really tricky to do, and I painted each layer of petals seperately then composited them and painted thier refractions one at a time till the distortion effect was achieved.

Belt of the Phoenix

Chaotic TCG: Belt of the Phoenix

With this belt the wearer can control a phoenix to come to their aid in combat.   Painting a red belt on a reddish character was difficult, so i tried to play up the variations of warm shades like terracotta, oranges, browns, etc. and used just a tiny bit of cool gray on the phoenix. Green hues worked well to…