Paladin Sword

When designing this Paladins sword I tried to reinforce the religous theme with subtle and overt symbols.

I defined symbols of Conversion (fish tail- fishers of men), Baptism by fire (symbolized by water colored magic fire), and ressurection (cross shaped hilt).

I try to include solid story elements and reinforcing design details in all my weapons, though admittedly doing a Paladins sword was much easier due to sterotypes and medeival history.

Whenever designing any thing for a video game I try to stay away from real world religous symbols and history, striving for a timeless design, but since fantasy games use “Paladin” as a player class which was based entirely on real world historical warrors, im cornered and must work against my standing design rule.

Still, this was a fun sword to design, especially due to its simplicity and boldness.