Book Cover: Oathbreaker Book 2 The Magus’s Tale

This is the oathbreaker II book cover I created for Colin McComb.

Although it’s subtle, I added a lot of little details to his armor and clothing, adding crocodile scales and lots of tattered and weathered strips of leather and cloth.


Book Description:

“This is the story of Alton: a budding magus, a wizard’s apprentice in the service of the Empire of Terona. Swept into a new life in the mad days following the death of the old king, Alton struggles with the fearsome mysteries of magic, faces treacheries small and large, and engineers a betrayal of his own to further his ambitions.

But victory, as always, has a cost: a magus does not walk easily among ordinary citizens. Isolated and lonely, he seeks a deeper meaning to his life, and what begins as a petty conflict with brigands leads Alton to discover, to his horror, that the world holds more than he had ever imagined.

And all his powers may not be enough to stand against a blasphemy that threatens life itself.

The Magus’s Tale is the second book in the Oathbreaker series.”