Chaotic TCG: Ghost Elixir

This is Chaotic Trading Card Game art from set 3.3.

I actually painted the entire hand before starting in on the invisibility effect. I also tried to emphasize reptilian qualities in the configuration of the scales, as well as using lizard nails. I occasionally referenced crocodile scales to help me with the scale shapes. I painted this image in Photoshop CS2 in about a days time.

I used my own hand and a small bottle of purell for reference.

I imagined that if you drank an invisibility potion that it would spread through your circulatory system slowly reaching your extremeties, which is why the finger tips I imagined would fade last.

Chaotic Lore:
The Ghost Elixir is a powerful piece of Battlegear found by Prince Mudeenu’s team of explorers inside the Air Quarter of Kaizeph. The Ghost Elixir is a small vial of liquid that looks like smoke billowing around inside a glass vial. The setting is in an ancient, abandoned alchemists’ chamber.