Hello, my name is Stone Perales, I’m a digital artist with a fine arts background and have been making Video Games for 21 years. I work out of Los Angeles and Laguna Beach. I can be reached at: stoneperales@cox.net



Art Director, 21 yrs. in Games, Collectibles, TV, Cartoons, Trading Card Games. Traditional/Digital 2-D/3-D skill sets. Contributed AAA internationally recognized work and leadership to SONY, BlACK ISLE, SIDESHOWTOY, EA, TOYOTA. I mentor, direct, lead, and collaborate with small-large teams, internal and external, while establishing fast yet accurate art direction and style guides. Cradle to grave production knowledge.

Roles: Art Direction, Creative Direction, Technical Direction, Production Management (domestic and overseas).

Skills: Graphic Art, UI Design, Conceptual Design, Illustration, Modeling, Texturing, Sculpting, Creative Writing

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Painter, 3dsMax, Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter/Designer


CONCEPTUAL DESIGNER/WRITER – Sideshow Collectibles 2014 – current

Concept Artist/Designer– Collaboratively developed Court of the Dead franchise with the creative director, providing concept art of locations, characters, creative write ups for production teams and other writers, as well as style guides, world design, and back story. (Work was produced with Film, Comics, Cartoons, Toys, RPG Table Top Games, and Video Games in mind.)


ART DIRECTOR – Black Tower Studios 2013 – 2014 – current

Art Director/Founding Member

Management Duties: hiring, training, scheduling, and mentoring of young Artists, as well as managing domestic/foreign outsourcing teams producing models, textures, and marketing materials for various projects on PC/PS3/Mobile Games. Employee reviews, creating short term and long-term goals for artists to work towards, and scheduling those goals into small, actionable tasks that can be addressed daily.

Art Duties: UI design, and creating key art/ concept art to maintain consistency for production.



ART DIRECTOR – Jet Set Games 2012 – Jan 2013

Management Duties: Hired to add stability, raise moral, train and mentor artists, and to streamline positive communication between departments. I assessed the strengths of team members, created action plans for improvements where needed, and put them in the best possible situations to succeed at their immediate tasks. I worked with all teams to come up with a unified approach on how to tackle the task of migrating a title from one platform to a new one while staying on schedule. Helped team members learn new skills that assisted them in the advancement of their respective careers.

Art Duties: Concept Art, UI art, Level creation, Character design/modeling/animation, and Illustration/conceptual work for mobile games, iPad, and re-skins of Casino Games (digital slot machines).



PRODUCTION DESIGNER /ART DIRECTOR – 4 Kids Entertainment 2008 – 2011

Creative Art Direction– Responsible for creative visual direction of the Chaotic Franchise including Art Direction of season 2 and 3 of the Chaotic animated show, Trading Card Game, online game, graphic material (including packaging), and all merchandise (toys and clothing). Personally responsible for picking every characters color palette, collaboratively directing all EFX, Designs, and Storyboards, and giving final approval on all art assets for the show, every 24hrs for both seasons 7 days a week.

Domestic and Overseas Production Management: Gave daily feedback to all production studios and contractors in Korea, China, France, Denmark, San Diego, and New York for the animated show production and Trading Card game. (Managed between 40 to 200 artists at any time depending on what stage of production we were in.) I was also responsible for the design and maintenance of the production forum used to manage all internal and external contractors.

Animated Shows: Episodes 141-179


ART DIRECTOR – Gamebryo/Emergent Game Technologies 2007 – 2008

Art Direction – Provided technical and creative art direction for Emergent’s demo group located in Calabasas, CA and the Chapel Hill office in North Carolina to showcase the Gamebryo game engine for various tradeshows and downloadable demos.

External Art Direction – collaboratively worked with Acquire Japan to develop a cross platform title for the PC/Xbox 360/ and PS3. Duties included writing and illustrating style guides, establishing production protocols, creation of key art, managing of internal and external studios and contractors, as well as daily team meetings with Acquire Japan.


ART LEADElectronic Arts 2006 — 2007

UI Art Lead on Tiberium: a cross platform title that was developed on the Unreal 3 Engine for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 taking place in the Command and Conquer universe. Daily duties included working with design, engineering, and art, assisting with deadline and demo deliverables, designing, creating, and implementing all UI elements.

Titles: TIBERIUM: X_BOX 360/PlayStation 3/PC (cancelled)

2D/3D ARTIST – Toyota/Saatchi and Saatchi 2006 — 2007

Created the North American Identity logo for Toyota Trucks as well as the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma logos. My work first aired on Super Bowl XLI and continues to appear on various commercials, print ads and billboards ranging from 100pixels tall, to 5k x 5k. Worked collaboratively with Transistor Studios and later directly with Saatchi and Saatchi on additional logos.

BRAND ART DIRECTORSony Online Entertainment 2002 — 2006

Art Director – (Internal/External)

Art Director for Sony Online’s most successful brand and longest running project EverQuest. Responsibilities included training and directing the internal team on Next-Gen techniques and practices, internal and external art direction of contractors and studios, as well as directing or creating all key art (box art, iconic character re-conceptualization, magazine art, etc.)

Research and Development  PlayStation3/PC

Prototyped Next -Gen tech and created demos on the PlayStation3/PC for Sony Pictures and Sony Online Ent. My career at Sony has encompassed all aspects of MMO development. Personal Artist of the VP of SOE, handling the creation and presentations for all new IP’s. As Art Director of Research and Development, I was the liaison between new technology and production for teams throughout the company.

  • Patent holder for Next-Gen technology created for the PlayStation3.
  • Participated in the creation of a tech demo that was included in the E3 2005: Sony Press Conference unveiling of the PlayStation3. During this time our team was reporting directly to Ken Kutaragi. (Then President of Sony Computer entertainment). We were also one of the very first teams in North America to work on the PlayStation3.
  • Completed Terrain Simulation Demo for Mr. Kutaragi securing 43 PlayStation3 dev kits for the Seattle, Austin, and San Diego studios at a time when few dev teams in North America had them.


Key contributor during crunch periods working with teams throughout the company (marketing, web, and production depts.) provided illustrations, high-res renders of new characters, concept art, management of teams, etc. Also provided art direction to in-game cut scenes of Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade.

Titles (In part or in whole): FREE REALMS (PC), UNTOLD LEGENDS: The Warriors Code-PSP, UNTOLD LEGENDS: Brotherhood of the Blade-PSP, EVERQUEST II: Kingdom of Sky-PC, EVERQUEST II: Desert of Flames-PC, EVERQUEST II:PC, EVERQUEST: Lost Dungeons of Norrath-PC, EVERQUEST: Omens of War-PC, EVERQUEST: Platinum PC, EVERQUEST: Gates of Discord-PC, PLANETSIDE: Aftershock-PC


SENIOR ARTISTInterplay Entertainment (Black Isle) 1999 — October 2002

Established benchmarks for characters, environments, and textures, and assisted in the optimization of the art production pathway. Responsibilities encompassed all aspects of art production except animation.

Titles: FALLOUT: Brotherhood of Steel-PlayStation 2, RUN LIKE HELL: PlayStation 2, ICEWIND DALE: PC


STUDIO ART LEAD – EA Pacific/Westwood Studios (Irvine) 1999 — 1999

NOX: Daily duties: interviewing, hiring, scheduling, training the design and art dept., maintaining the art and design direction, and facilitating the conversion of all game art from 8bit to 32 bit. Expanded from a multiplayer only game to also include single player campaigns. Art Directed all environments, improved game’s engine as it relates to art including optimizations (with programming help) to collision system.

Red Alert 2: Worked with producer to interview and trained the core team, as well as planning the early stages of the production pathway of Red Alert 2, provided art support to early production of game.
Titles: NOX: PC


SEPARATE SKILLS: INSTRUCTOR – Laguna College of Art and Design 2011 – 2012

Faculty– Part time teacher of Character Design for Games, teaching the creation of sci-fi and fantasy conceptual art used for the production of 3D models. Class also surveyed and reviewed popular designs ranging from Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Craft, to Classic and Contemporary High Fantasy brands like Dungeons & Dragons, etc.