Sketch Book

27_spfrydastudyThis is an older pencil sketch I did of a fellow developer and good friend. I often draw my friends and include them in my work.

This image was created with a mechanical pencil and 20lb printer paper.

My sketch books have all kinds of stuff for many different projects. Here are a few random ones of interest.


This one above ^^^ is my take on Medevil Spawn.

My buddy Sammy asked me once why a lot of my sketches have these strange gold squares on them.. tape! I use drafting tape to add more paper when I run out of space. Instead of being held back by the boundries of my sketchbook I simply amend more paper as needed till I commit my ideas properly to paper.

DragonMan_Inks_17x11This image is the inks of a dragon man I made. It’s drawn on tracing paper that I overlayed on my pencil sketch. Although I do a lot of my sketchwork digitaly, when I work in analog media I prefer to draw on tracing paper. It’s toothy and brittle, and very easy to make revisions on.